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I first found yoga as a long-distance runner only looking to gain more balance and

flexibility, but I quickly realized the ways in which the physical practice of yoga asana could

integrate into my already existing meditation practice. Over the past 18 years I have studied

meditation with Jack Kornfield, guided meditation and Sanskrit

with Dr. Carol Whitfield, and Sri Swami Dayanada Saraswati in Anaikatti, India.

I have been lucky enough to be a student of renowned Iyengar yoga instructor

Ramanand Patel  for 12 years. He has been my primary teacher along with David Moreno.

These incredible teachers have shown me that each yoga

posture can be approached as an opportunity to see how the

mind responds to any challenge, making it possible for us to learn

more mature ways of responding in every day life. Can the mind simply

observe what is in this moment, or does it immediately judge the

experiences that arise, seeking to change or avoid them?

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